“Why do we fall, Bruce?” – Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins

Just three years since the last time we saw Batman in the theaters, and coming soon, a new version of the hero will hit the big screen. A discussion about what is the right way to pose the character, about his true purpose and a way of acting, through the internet ad infinitum, and the fans, especially those tied to the comic book, which require a certain standard for their beloved idol. But when I think of the Batman and Would Have To Be Changedwhat comes to mind are the words of Thomas Wayne, in “Batman Begins” and the effect they have had on his son.

“Why do we fall, Bruce?”

My first introduction to Batman was the first film of the trilogy from Christopher Nolan. My father, a film buff this was never explicitly stated, he introduced me to a long time when I was 11 years old. None of the context that the comic book was given to me, no, “the Batman is in such-and-such”, just a movie with a story that I was going to like it. He even said that I would come to know a hero like Spider-Man and the X-Men, who were already a part of my everyday life. That moment was one of the few in which my father was a film that would mark my life forever.

“Batman Begins” shows a little Bruce Wayne was the son of Martha and Thomas Wayne, the owners of the name of the city of Gotham. Thomas, with his company, do you want to help the people who suffer on a daily basis with crime and corruption. Bruce has seen the father, not only as a hero, but to the whole of the city. One day, joking with her friend, Rachel, on the property of Wayne Manor, Bruce falls through a hole in the ground and end up in a cave, where many bats will fly in your direction. This is because of a trauma. When Thomas goes to the rescue of his son, and he said these wise words: “Why do we fall, Bruce? To learn how to raise”. The strength of a conversation with Bruce about fear, and how even the most savage of animals, and they experience this feeling.

Fear is the main theme of “Batman Begins”. Bruce ends up having a fear of it as the subject of his greatest tragedy. But, when he and his parents attend the opera and nerve-wracking for a young child who had just been made to go through an event that traumatic with the bat, and Bruce asks his father what they are going to be gone. And so, He and Martha find themselves to death. And Bruce lives with the guilt… then the rage.

As an adult, Bruce decides to be present at the trial, which would allow for the release of Joe Chill the man who killed his parents -in the middle of a deal that would help the district attorney of Gotham city to take down the mafia. For the character, none of this is fair, after all, how could it be permitted that such a man, he saw his freedom, after having left a child an orphan? He takes a gun to court for planning to kill the Chill as soon as it was released. However, someone gets in your face and kill the Chill at the behest of the mafia. Bruce doesn’t have a chance to avenge her parents, but she says to Rachel that he was the one who deserved to go. “This is not justice, it’s vengeance.”says Rachel. And when Bruce shows off the gun he was carrying, he said: “Your father would be ashamed of you”. Some very hard words. And it is necessary.

Bruce leaves Gotham and leaves his position and privilege in order to live a life of penance. He does deserve a punishment for having caused the death of his parents, and then, you have thought to commit an act so vile that it sujaria the honor, and the name of the hero. His penance lasts for up to seven years, and during this time, he is a master of the figure-Ra’s Al Ghul, somebody who is going to teach you how to transform your anger and your fear on the tools to your advantage.

During his workout, He’s exploited the anger of Bruce, in asserting that the blame for the death of his parents, not his, but that of his father. Thomas Wayne would have done it, and he did it. This does harm to the memory of mr. Bruce, the one who makes the attack, He’s angry, and so lost the match. The teacher then gives that Bruce has left in the memories of those who loved him to turn the poison into his veins. The rage to turn your determination and your fear should be to be built.

“To conquer fear you must become fear”.

Of course, that the intentions of Ra’s Al Ghul, they were not exactly the most noble. But the master – and sometimes antagonistic – he gave Bruce what he needed to grow up and be able to do what his dad had as its purpose: to defend the Police. Justice, not vengeance. Bruce could have stopped the deaths of both her parents, to turn poison into his veins for most of his life, but he also hasn’t forgotten about compassion, which was defended by his father, and it is through compassion that Bruce refuses to murder on the orders of Ra’s Al Ghul. And by destroying the headquarters of the League of Shadows, it is the compassion that you and Bruce will be saved for your master.”

Fear as the main theme of the film is present in the entire structure of the narrative, as it points to the canal Just Writein your video “What are the writers supposed to learn from Batman Begins” (Portuguese subtitles available). Upon returning to Gotham, Bruce has to have a purpose. It is going to be the image of what is both produced fears in the breasts when you were a child, and it will use your fear as a symbol against all the criminals of the city, for the purpose of protecting the public. Meanwhile, Carmine Falcone is leading the mob through the power of fear keeps the people of Gotham hostage. Already a Dr. Jonathan Crane uses fear in order to exploit the weakness of those criminals, who end up falling in their hands. In the end, Ra’s Al Ghul, with its ideal of “awesome” to clean up the dirt and charged at the Police, he uses fear against the people.

When Bruce returns to Gotham city, and the city is taken over by the crime, without any hope of defeating the mafia, because the police, judges, and politicians who, in theory, is supposed to defend the citizens that are easily bought up by dirty money. A police officer, Jim Gordon is one of the few honest-they are still in the city, Bruce decides that Batman needs him as an ally.

“You’re just a man.” “There are a couple.”

The episode establishes itself as the defender of Gotham city. The criminals will get scared by the picture that emerges from the darkness, a Man’s World, is almost an entity in a relentless, whose purpose is to clean up the real filth from the Police. But this is not at all for Ra’s Al Ghul. And in the last contest in order to become a hero, and Bruce has to face his old master. The one who taught him how to transform anger into strength, fear into the shell. And, that is where the compassion is a weakness.

But, the compassion to be what his father was is the one that allows for there to be justice and not revenge, this is the guide to the code of conduct, as the defender of Gotham city. That’s what makes Bruce’s worthy of the name is to be changed.

“Batman Begins” is a new adaptation of a comic book to the movie theaters. For a film that came eight years after the thwarted “Batman and Robin”with a mission of that character is already established in pop culture. But, for me, a child of 11 years old, which is so close to the age of the little Bruce wayne’s “Batman Begins” is the story of a hero created by, and motivated by the teachings of his father.

“Why did we fall, Bruce?”

The influence of Christopher Nolan in my life, it would only be the beginning. It would be “The Dark Knight” that the film would have been the big motivator for my passion for cinema. My father introduced me to his “Batman Begins”, because I knew that I will be able to understand the message of perseverance in the film. In 2008, I went to the cinema to watch the best of the stream “that Begins,” it might be. One piece film is exquisite in every way, in fact, marked by a performance of the unforgettable Heath Ledger as the Joker. The actor, unfortunately, never got to see the legacy that you have left, but its performance remains unrivaled within the film are so perfect.

Considered by many to be the best of the trilogy, and by many as the best adaptation of a comic book ever made, “The Dark Knight” it stands out, but it comes as an expansion of well-fitted to its predecessor. Batman is the defender of Gotham city, not as a man but as an idea of a protector. And the whole point of a shield is much more important than the position of the heroics. Thus it Would allow to mess up the name of Batman, to which the name of Harvey Dent, the White Knight of Gotham, to stay clean.

“I’m the one who wants you the Police need me to be”.

While we await the release of Batman by Matt Reeves, for those fans of the previously mentioned in the comic books they keep to their expectations, and they expect the film to do the ‘right thing’ with the hero. What was that all about, anyway? Even the right, to the right, to the batmobile… and the actor on the right? Ha! Robert Pattinson is already suffering hate from you even before being chosen to be the new Bruce Wayne. Could it be that he really is the right choice for you?

None of that doesn’t matter. Since the movie is only an adaptation of the comic book, in the midst of so many others, he is bound to fail, no matter how “right” this is the new version. The success of “the Batman” is the ability of the film may or may not be the show for you, the hero, is resistant to the weather.

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